Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011, A Year in Photos - Project 365

I'm participating in Project 365.  Here's days 1 through 9. :)

January 1
My Nana turned 96 years old today. As tradition stands, we spend every New Years Day with her to celebrate her birthday and visit with family that we sometimes only see once a year. I can't even begin to imagine some of the things my Nana has witnessed in her 96 years of life! Oh, the stories she can tell! And she's still the toughest woman I know.
 January 2

My sweet Aleah in her pajamas after bathtime, our favorite time of the day! We all had a relaxed, lazy day at home today and never even left the house! It's so nice to slow down once in a while! =)
January 3
There's this boy who stole my heart, he calls me "Mommy." My sensitive soul, Hunter. My first born and only boy. Like last night, this was after bathtime and getting ready for bed, but he was clearly not ready and wanting to stay up to play... like every night! lol!
January 4
My new obsession - Scentsy

January 5
This is how I make it through just about every day - Starbucks

January 6
My angel. This is how she sleeps every night. She will not let us put covers on her; she wakes up and kicks them off every time. lol!

January 7
My celebrity obsessions. Don't judge me.

January 8
Brown eyes means you're full of shit... that's what I've been told my entire life. lol!
January 9
The last Mountain Dew of the year.... if I have the will. lol.

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