Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Quick Attempt At An Introduction

My name's Terin, I'm married to my best friend, Ivan, and we have three beautiful children, Hunter, Marissa, and Aleah, who are my life!!  I work full-time at our local phone company, nTelos, and run a message board for moms, MommyAndMore, in my spare time.

 I'm rude, vulgar, perverted, loud, and obnoxious.  However, I am extremely affectionate.  I procrastinate entirely too much.  I am a walking contradiction and the biggest klutz you'll ever meet.  I'm a complete contradiction to most.  I love feeling girly, but I don't really like to hangout with the girls.  I'm just as passionate about my football as most guys are.  I'd be lying if I said I was nice, because I'm not.  I enjoy making fun of people and bitching about people.  I get the urge to say things, do things that will only satisfy myself, and no one else.  I give everyone a chance to get to know me, not the imaginary personality everyone else molds themselves into, I let people know the real me, head on, first hand.  I don't hide and I won't change.  The truth is, I like being me.