Sunday, April 17, 2011

In An Effort To Get My Insanely Busy Life Organized...

A couple of months ago, I switched from my wonderful CrackBerry to the amazing Android. I LOVE my Android, but the one thing I liked a little better on my BlackBerry was the organizer/calendar! It was a lot more user friendly. :( So, in an effort to get my insanely busy life organized, I've bought a new planner and am just in love with how cute it is!! :) I also have to show off my new Thirty One pursed (my new obsession) and new wallet from Ross. I've also included my crazy busy shopping/to-do list. BTW, any cute ideas for the kids' Easter baskets???


  1. I love my iphone 4 but I don't like the calendar on it.. My other option is 12.99 for a application I can't test out before buying.. ;)

    I like your planner, very nice and festive..

    Purse is cute.. I've heard a lot of great things about 31.

  2. I've heard awesome things about the iPhone, but I work for a phone company and we don't have the iPhone, so.... lol :) Thanks! :)

  3. Terin where did you find the planner that lets you put in dates yourself?? (I like this kind because sometimes I forget a month or