Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beach Bums!

I was off Tuesday and Wednesday this week and have been craving some beach time like crazy, so we packed it up and headed to VA Beach! :) The weather was calling for crazy thunderstorms, but we went anyway and it didn't rain at all while we were there! It was beautiful! :)


  1. Gah! Hunter, Marissa and Aleah are growing up so fast!!!! All 3 of them are so beautiful and I know that you and Ivan are so proud.

    BTW - I'm pretty jealous about the beach trip! :P

  2. Thank you!! :) We are SO proud! :) Love you, Ash!! :)

  3. Giving you a follow back from the hop. Thank you for stopping by. Your mini vacation looks wonderful. I think I am jealous too =)

  4. completely made me long for the beach. We are from San Diego county and so used to going to the beach, sometimes just to walk in the evening. But for two years now we are living more inland and when I see pics like yours I realize just how much we miss home. It looks like you all had a great time!

  5. Thanks!! :)

    Oh, I'd love to visit San Diego! A good friend of mine lives there! :)

    We're about three hours from the beach... not too bad! :)