Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Girl Must Shop! :)

I was off from work yesterday because the girls were supposed to be in a beauty pageant (it would have been Aleah's first!) but it was cancelled due to not having enough participants. :( Boo! So, since I was off with no plans, I decided to go shopping! What better way to put me in a good mood than spending money?! LOL! Hunter had stayed the night with my mom on Friday night, so she still had him, so just the girls and I hit the mall :)

Marissa saw this Justin Bieber and said, "Take my picture with Justin Bieber, Mom!!" The store is doing a drawing to win the life-size Bieber, and you get one free entry, then another entry for each Justin Bieber item you buy. I bought her a new Justin Bieber CD (Never Say Never: The Remixes) and a bracelet. She was SO happy! :) Her birthday is in July and she wants a Justin Bieber themed birthday party, so I'm going to get her one of the life-size Justin Biebers for her birthday. It's only $35, not too bad! :)

I found this in Spencer's and bought it for my husband... too funny! :)

We went to my mom's after we were done shopping to pick Hunter up. He said he was tired of his mohawk and us having to style his hair every morning, so he got my brother to shave his head! :( He's also wearing his new shirt I bought him from Spencer's. How cute is this?! (Oh, and the hubs is in the background here in his new polo I bought him and his new fitted!)

And here's Marissa modeling her new shirt I got her from JCPenney. I LOVED it! :)

And here's Aleah out on my mom's side porch. She's having a lot of home improvements done, and the porch is in the process of being remodeled (I guess that's the word? Rebuilt? lol) so we were out there checking it out! It looks really nice!

Then, after all of that, we went to a cook-out at our friends' house, ate great food, played corn-hole, and let the kids run around and play... good times with good friends! What more can a girl ask for?! :)


  1. Cute pictures! I am a new follower on Sunday Hop - I am hopping today to bring attention to a young girl who is in need of a bone marrow transplant- We need to get the word out. Today she in the hospital again getting another transfusion.. Please take the time to read today's post. thank you very much - Kelly
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  3. Aw, the kids are so cute! I'm following from the Say Hi Sunday Hop!

  4. Cute kids! I would love to shrink mine again...especially my daughter so I could go buy her all kinds of cute clothing and dress her (she wants to pick out her clothes now). Anyway...thanks for linking up in the FL & FF Hop. I have returned the love.

  5. haha! love the pic with biebs. lucky little girl;)

  6. Adorable kids! I found you through the hop and am now following on google! Come by and visit when you have time.