Saturday, June 18, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 22

Day 22 — Your current relationship

Our story is really pretty simple. There's no big drama, no sweet romantic proposal, just a small-town boy and a country girl who fell in love... and from there on out, it hasn't exactly been our happily ever after, but it will be one day! ;)

Ivan was two years ahead of my in high school, he was the typical jock, played football and wrestled. I was good friends with his brothers, two of them were in my grade and also played football and wrestled, while I cheerleaded, so we spent a lot of time hanging out together at bonfires, post-game parties, etc. Ivan and I knew who each other were, but never really talked much. I had just graduated high school and my best friend was having a huge party at her house, which is where Ivan and I really talked for the first time. He still tells everyone that his first real impression of me was made when I walked up to him at the party (slightly drunk) and pulled down the corner of my jeans and white lacy thong (lmao!!) to show him my new tattoo on my hipbone, the Japanese symbol for "love." Ironic, yes? LOL! :)

After that night, we started hanging out, but I really just thought of him as a friend, I've always had more guy friends than girl friends, and he was awesome! :) He'd DD me and take me to parties and buy my alcohol since he was older than me, LOL! We were still just really good friends, and my mom and I were at a restaurant one night having dinner and watching a local band play, when my dad called and said he had found our dog (who was realllly old) dead in our back yard. Mom and I left immediately and headed straight home. I was so upset and in my room crying and I called Ivan to come get me to take my mind off of things. He took me to McDonald's, LOL! I consider that to be our first actual date, on September 12, 2004! I think it was at that point that I realized that I had feelings for him as more than just a friend. I don't know how it happened or even remember the exact moment when it happened, but we ended up falling head over heels in love... :)

(I was actually pregnant with Hunter here. His cousin, Chad, and my friend, Jamie, got married and we were both in the wedding.)

I started off just staying the night with him at his place, but ended up moving in not very long after, because I was there all the time anyway! We dated for about a year before I found out I was pregnant with Hunter. I was babysitting my boss at Texas Steakhouse's son and was at their house when I took the pregnancy test. I called Ivan and said, "You need to come over here NOW." I think he knew something was up, haha! :) We were both a little shocked, but REALLY excited! :)

Hunter was born on March 25, 2006 and two became three. :) I don't think I've ever been more happy in my life! Life was perfect in our little world! On April 6, 2006, Ivan looked at me and said, "I'm off work tomorrow... you wanna go get married?" How romantic, right?! LOL! But of course I said yes! So just Ivan, Hunter, and I went to the Justice of the Peace the next day, and we got married on April 7, 2006. Though I do sort of wish we'd have had a big wedding (just for the pictures, really!), I'm kinda glad that I didn't have to deal with all of the hassle!!

Pregnant with Marissa in Nags Head, NC

When Hunter was about 9 months old, we decided to try for our second baby. I wanted a little girl SO bad! I stopped taking my birth control and got pregnant the very first month I was off it! Marissa was born on July 25, 2007. Yes, my kids are 16 months apart. I think I may be a little insane. lol.

After that, we decided we'd wait to have more kids... but in 2009, we got a surprise! I found out on Memorial Day that we were pregnant again! Aleah was born on January 12, 2010! I'll go into more details about my pregnancies and births later, but that's our story, for the most part! :) Our relationship isn't perfect, it's FAR from perfect. We argue and fight, sometimes pretty frequently, but we balance each other out well! :)


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