Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award! :)

First off, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Sadie over at The Tightrope Walk for giving me this award! :)

So, here goes...

Seven things you maybe didn't know about me:
- I'm the oldest of four siblings, but you'll really only hear me talk about one of them here. My brother Jacob and I share the same mother, my brother Zachary and sister Kelsey all have the same dad, but different moms, and I don't talk to my dad at all so...
- I wear my heart on my sleeve.
- I go out of my way to help others, maybe too often.
- I give way too many second chances, and third chances, fourth chances, you get the idea...
- I always get the exact same thing at Starbucks, Java Chip Frappuccino... I'm scared to try anything new! lol!
- I LOVE live music. Like seriously, nothing soothes my soul like loud music.
- I used to cut myself. Self-mutilation. It's not a joke and it's UGLY. Very few people know this about me, so this is very hard to admit... :(

Now I pass the blog along to seven blogs I enjoy reading! :) (In no particular order.)
- Young & Restless
- Mommy of 1 and Counting
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- The Type A Housewife
- Momma Go Round
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  2. Thanks so much! I don't do these posts anymore because I hate having to choose just a handful of blogs that I love, but I appreciate the award! :D

    On a completely different note, I used to cut myself in high school. I hope to NEVER go through depression like that again, but thankfully even when I have bad days now, I never have the impulse to do that to myself.