Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!! :)

I'm back!! :) I'm SO sorry I've been MIA! Life has been CRAZY busy!! :( But, here's some pictures to get y'all caught up on our crazy life! :) *Warning - Picture Overload!!*

Aleah and I relaxing and watching Sprout on my day off:)

My new Thirty-One bag... I love it!! :)

My friend Jami's son Wyatt's birthday party... look at my diva in the back right :) lol

Aleah at my mom's, eating a banana :)

Marissa and I's matching pedicures :)

Aleah reading a book, upside down and end to beginning, lol!

Aleah being sneaky!! LOL!

My beautiful diva :)

My friend Justin at work, with his Geico Brostache

Aleah and I at the park one Saturday :)

A Bounce-N-Play and ice cream play date with my cousins :)

The carnival was in town!! :)

I think I mentioned before that I bought new Coach glasses. I've been wearing them a little more lately :)

Marissa was bugging me for a hair-cut, I finally gave in. Look how long it was!! :( I cried! LOL!

Little Aleah enjoying her ice cream cone :)

My sweet Nephew, Kaleb. Sleeping with his dad in the two on the ends, then after I gave him some KFC in the middle :) haha!

We were swimming at my aunt's house on the 4th of July and Aleah wasn't watching where she was walking and went to step down the cement steps on the deck. I stopped her at the first step, but I slipped and fell down the steps and landed straight on my kneecap. I went to the ER and they said nothing's broke, put me in an immobilizer brace and on crutches, and sent me on my way... but it's still been killing me and isn't any better yet, so I went for an MRI Friday and am waiting to hear the results. :(

Ivan and I went out to our local bar, Oasis, one night :) I love these boys!!

Just me being goofy :) lol

The kids' new shirts I bought them, lol :)

Slip & slidin' :)

The first one is Ivan's newest tat, then my new diamond, then my stars that he recolored, then my new music notes! :)

Whew, see?! Told you life's been crazy busy! :) LOL!


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  3. My daughter has been on a tattooing vendetta lately, she's gotten 2 in the last two weeks.

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