Sunday, November 6, 2011

Football Sundays!

Today I'm thankful for football!! I get more into football games than most men I know! Seriously... if you come to my house on a Sunday (or Monday night, or some Thursday nights), you're going to find me screaming at the TV like they can hear me. lol. The Dallas Cowboys are my team... have been since I was little and always will be! Win, lose, or tie, Cowboys fan 'til I die!! :)

This is us watching two football games at once today, lol :)
And these are from a couple of weeks ago...


  1. Just saying "hi" from Mingle Mondays! I really like your black background. :)

  2. Love your enthusiasm! I'm the same way :D Gotta love a girl who knows the game! Congrats on the win over Seattle!

  3. My roommates (way back when) were avid football fans. They were cowboys fans too and they had their rituals (one plays her gameboy throughout the game), the other always fiddled with her Cowboys keychain. I made the mistake one year of watching a game with them, and of course I rooted for the other team (49ers). Cowboys lost and our early good-natured banter turned silent as my team kept scoring. It was funny to watch...but don't tell them that!

    Stopping by from Monday Mingle.

  4. I love football nights, means I get to make yummy new recipes!

    Following you from the Tuesday Train hop :) I'd love if you checked out mine.
    Hello Dawls