Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - Our Year In Photos

Here's a slideshow I had made for my family for Christmas! Enjoy! :)

Linking up at the little things we do

1. New Years is a reminder of how fast time is flying! My baby girl will be two in January and my oldest will be six in March! Ahh!

2. One of my New Year's resolutions will be to be healthier, to lose weight and exercise, and eat better!

3. A New Year's resolution I've made in the past was to I'm pretty sure that mine's the same every year... to lose weight. haha. I swear I'm going to do it this year though... y'all help me, okay? lol

4. The most time consuming resolution I ever made was Project 365, which I failed at miserably last year. I'm going to attempt it again this year though!

5. This year I will be spending New Year's Eve having a kids' New Year's party at my friend's house from 6-9, then watching the ball drop with my hubby, and maybe my kids if they can hang! ;)

6. If I could wish one thing for my new year it would be to be in our freaking cabin already!

7. 2012 is going to be amazing! There's no other options allowed! ;)

And I'm linking this photo up at the Paper Mama :)
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  1. Happy 2012 to you and your family :)

  2. A kids party sounds like fun! I may have to do that next year! Hope ou had a great New Years Eve :)