Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthdays, Tattoos, & More! :)

My friend Megan's daughter's birthday was last weekend... Justin Bieber themed, of course! :)
My Marissa at the party
All the girls in their Bieber shirts
You know my three heathens are right there in the middle getting that candy!
Aleah and I... she wasn't feeling the Biebs
Marissa and JB

February 16th was the hubby's birthday and let's just say that he's SPOILED! Here's his awesome cake... golf balls/clubs and beer cans... do I rock, or what?! :)
I also took him to Blue Mountain Brewery for dinner. This is the samples of all their beer.

Sweet baby girl :)

Goofy girl :)

My newest tat, I just got it Friday! :)

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