Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! :)

Here's the gift I made for my hubby... thanks, Pinterest! :)

Also, thanks, Pinterest, for the idea to do this to my daughter's pin-straight hair...
We did this last night...
Then it looked like this this morning!

Aleah also had her follow-up appointment this morning for her tubes in her ears. They've been in there a year now. Her tube in her right ear is still in, but the left one has come out of the ear drum and is making it's way out of her ear. She's been getting a lot of ear infections again, so the doctor said if she gets one more within a month, he's going to want to put another tube in that ear and take out her adenoids. Poor kid! :(

Here she is at the doctor's office on the left and having breakfast at Shoney's on the right :)

I'm working 2-11 tonight so that I could take Aleah to the doctor earlier this morning. On my dinner break at 5:00, I got an e-mail from my hubby telling me to come outside. He had brought me these... one rose for each kid. :) I kinda love that man! ;)

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