Monday, February 13, 2012

My Take on the Grammys

Bruce Springsteen kicked off the show and let me tell you, the man still has it! :) Maybe I'm partial because he's my mom's favorite singer ever and I kinda grew up loving him, but still... lol

And I LOVE me some Bruno Mars... but my husband can't stand him. Or his hair. lmao

Speaking of his hair, what is up with everyone trying to do their hair like his?! Can people not be original anymore?!

And mmm, LL Cool J sure was looking fine last night!! And I'll admit that his prayer for Whitney Houston had me in tears... R.I.P. Whitney!! :(

I LOVE Adele. Seriously. I'd marry her. lmao! I love her voice and I love the fact that she is not paper thin... she's real! And she definitely racked up the awards last night!

Chris Brown... that boy can DANCE! And my husband pointed out while watching his performance that our son kinda dances like him! lol! Too funny! :) And I'd say that it's safe to say he's definitely made his comeback after the whole assault incident with Rihanna. And I'm glad to see that people have obviously forgiven him.

WTF was Fergie wearing?! Really?! Classy, not trashy, honey!!

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson lit it up with one of my favorite duets ever!

And the Foo Fighters rocked the house!! I finally got their new CD yesterday too! I love it!!

Rihanna's performance with Coldplay was actually pretty good too, although I'm not a big Coldplay fan...

And The Beach Boys' performance was really good too! They sounded the same... how is that possible?! My husband swears they weren't really singing last night, lol! And mmm... I love me some Adam Levine!

I really am NOT a fan of Lady Gaga. She's only done a couple of songs that I actually liked. So, wtf was she wearing?!

And I LOVED Katy Perry's hair! I had blue hair in high school, lol!

I LOVE Nicki Minaj. But Nicki, wth were you wearing?! LOL

And I like SOME of Taylor Swift's stuff, but I'm not a big fan... so what was with her performance last night?! My husband loved it. Seriously, LOVED it. I think her playing the banjo turned him on... LOL

And, that's all I have for you, because I then fell asleep... lol! I'm SO mad I didn't stay up to watch the dance mash-up with Weezy!! :(


  1. New follower from the hop, hope you come by and follow. Thanks for the recap, i didn't catch the whole thing!

  2. Bruno Mars, um, Yum! Don't tell my husband lol I agree about everyone trying to copy him. I am so I still cannot stand Chris Brown. He has never shown that he is sorry for the assault thing. As an abused woman who has been told that I had to have done something to make my ex hit me, it rips me right off that anyone who has said anything about him being in the wrong has been made to appologize for making a judgement. On that note, reports of Rhianna going back with him makes me want to smack her. the Beach Boys were awesome. Rhianna's performance was good. Missed the Taylor Swift thing, wonder if it's on You tube. Lady Gaga has morphed into a freak and I can't stand listening to her new stuff because all I think of is meat dresses and distorted scenes of what giving birth is really like. I loved Katie Perry's red carpet dress but she looked like Marge Simpson with the blue hair. I think she looks like a total pinup model when her hair is Jet black. Nikki Minaj, oh dear don't get me started. It was the first time I saw any part of the Grammy's. I was at work and my co-worker never misses it. It was interesting.

    I have tagged you in a post and would love it if you played along :D