Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sick Babies...

Where to begin?!

I took Aleah to the doctor on the 21st because she keeps getting a high fever of like 102/103, I have to keep giving her Motrin/Tylenol to bring it down, and that's just not normal... I thought for sure she had an ear infection, but they said her ears were fine and tried to tell me she was just having Night Terrors and running the fever because she's getting herself worked up... um, whatever. She's still been running a fever off and on and I have to keep rotating the Tylenol and Motrin. My mom watched her while I was at work on Sunday, the 26th, so hubby could go golfing and she said she gave her a bath and when she was washing her hair, Aleah said that both ears were hurting, and she was running a fever yet again. Marissa then woke up Monday morning complaining of her ear hurting also. So Monday morning, I took Hunter to school, then took both girls to the doctor. Marissa has an ear infection, but they said Aleah's ears were okay. She had some fluid in one, but that wouldn't be causing the fever. They got a urine sample and said there were some white blood cells in her urine, but they sent it off for cultures and said I should hear results on that today. Please pray my baby is okay!! :(

This was taken at the doctor's office on the 21st, silly girl! :) This is after Motrin is in her system and she doesn't have a fever at the moment.

And I'm aware I look like a cow here, but Marissa took these at the doctor's office of Aleah and I on the 27th :( ... this is the reality of a sick baby :(

My brother was in a Jiu Jitsu tournament on Saturday, so mom, Hunter, Marissa, and I went to watch him. He didn't make his normal weightclass, he was in a class higher, so he didn't do as well as he normally does, but he still did great! He got two first place medals and a third place. He's going to California at the end of March to compete. I'm so proud of him! :)
My brother is in the front :)

Marissa decided she wanted to get her hair cut off, so I let her :( I almost cried!

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