Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ten Years Ago...

Ten Years Ago...

I was in high school still... I was 15... and well, because I don't have any photos that I know for sure I was 15 in, I'm just going to share all the photos that I do have of myself during high school :) Don't get too bored now! ;)

Amanda and I

Kelli, Lindsey, and I

Lindsey, me, Crystal, and April

After my senior prom

April and I, the day our local Wal-mart opened and we all skipped school to go... this was an exciting thing here! LOL

Me and April, the day Wal-mart opened again
Me, April, Kristy, and Jamie in Wal-mart, lol

April and I, also the day Wal-mart opened. The portrait studio was giving away free packages :)

Ashley, me, Jamie, Rachael, and Amanda at lunch

Me, Jamie, and April in Wal-mart again

Amanda and I

Me and Brandon

Some of our cheerleading squad

My boys - Junior, Drew, and Steven :)

Bacon and I

Me, Lindsey, and Crystal at Applebee's

Me and Powhatan at his graduation

Tiffany and I... I'm kinda a midget. lol.

Adam, April, and I at UVA

Kyle and I, before senior prom

My brother, Kyle, Me, My mom, and some random baby

Kyle and I... we were inseparable best friends :)

My high school graduation

My cousin Bailey and I

OBX in NC :)

I'd seriously kill to be this skinny again!!

Me and Ashley at prom

An ex, Chad, and I. lol

In my old bedroom at my mom's, lol

What a nice trip down memory lane... ;)


  1. You still look exactly the same!!!! I need to dig out some of my HS pictures and do this!

  2. How brave of you to share pictures from high school. I wouldn't dare. I was quite an awkward kid back then. I have grown up pretty good. It's funny my husband and I went to high school together. We met in 2010 and he had no clue who I was. So I guess it was that bad.