Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sorry For Party Rocking...

Haha, j/k! ;) Sorry for being MIA again!! Ugh! I suck at this!! :( Where do I start? First off, this is gonna be a MAJOR picture overload!!! :) We moved! Not into our cabin we're building (sadface!) but into a new house that we're renting! It's super cozy and feels like home! 4 bedrooms, plus a playroom, and a fenced in backyard! And it's like right down the street and around the corner from my Momma! :) Here's a few pics of it! :) Hunter's room...
My wall for Papa...
Our cozy fireplace :)
Marissa's room...
On the same day we were moving and the first night we stayed in our new house, I was at the dentist office with H & M for their check-ups and my MIL had A... I got a phone call that A had fell and hit her head on a table and needed stitches. Apparently she was outside playing with my brother-in-laws and just tripped (what can I say? My kids are ALL clumsy like me!), so my BIL, TJ, took her inside to my MIL and was looking at the gash in her head and HE passed out and hit the floor because it was so bad! :( So my MIL brought her to me at the dentist and my mom came to the dentist to finish up H & M's appointments. My poor baby had to get three stitches. It was HORRIBLE! They had to strap her down to a board so she'd stay still. I cried like a baby. Here's a few pics of her before her stitches, then at the hospital a few days later when they were getting ready to cut them out :)
While we're talking about the dentist, Hunter had to get four cavities filled! :( I felt horrible and cried, yet again... I've failed as a parent! :( Here's him before getting them filled...
And after, I took him for a haircut. Pardon his goofy expression, his face was still numb from getting the fillings. lol
T-ball has also been consuming my life! But I love it! :) Their team is the Rockhounds and so far, they're undefeated!! Hunter played the catcher position last night for the first time and did great! I'm so proud of my babies! :) Here's some pics of my little ball players!
I also got me a pair of Bobs! (Yes, they're the Toms knock-offs) But, Skechers still does the same thing as Toms in that they give a pair of shoes to a child in need everytime a pair is bought! I love them! :)
I won a Kindle Fire at work too!! Pretty sweet, huh?! :)
OH! And Hunter lost his first tooth! How could I forget?! :) The tooth fairy brought him $5! She must have been feeling pretty generous! ;) Or emotional... haha!
A picture of the hubby and I at a wedding we went to...
and the bestie and I at the same wedding :)
A couple of trips to Willy's...
My little heathen got into the sour cream...
And a few randoms... Static!!
Rockin' the Bob :)
Easter :)
Dancing in the rain :)


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