Sunday, May 27, 2012

Draining the iPhone Pics...

Aleah woke up the other night at midnight, wide awake and wanting to watch Caillou, so I let her... haha :) She has me wrapped around her finger, what can I say? We stayed up for about an hour, cuddling on the couch and watching Caillou :)
My poor, pitiful job of painting her toes... I'm horrible. This is why I get pedicures! LOL!

Just chilling in the yard one day
Aleah looks so grown up with her hair all up!!

Marissa, my little catcher girl :) Hunter and Marissa's t-ball team, the Rockhounds, ended their season on Saturday UNDEFEATED! So proud of my little ball players!! :)

Cook-out at mom's today!
My brother reading to the girls...
I told Ivan today we were going to start calling Aleah "Shots" because she calls the shots around here... haha!
My sexy husband cooking our food ;)

I went on a field trip with Hunter's class on Friday. We went to Home Depot, where they got to make their own sailboats, and to the Park, where we went on a scavenger hunt :)
Marissa and her cousin, Bethany

My little hippie child :)

Hunter :)

Playing my Kindle Fire...

Sissy :)

Just me :)

Reading with Daddy :)

Had to dump out all of my recycling to organize/sort it, because I seem to be the ONLY person in this house that can look and see glass goes in one section, plastics in the other, etc... LOL

My world :)

Um, did y'all see that Matt Hardy replied to my Tweet?!?!?!? :)

Fun with sidewalk chalk :)

Daddy went and bought the kids a little swimming pool today and their cousins came over to swim :)

My friend's daughter was hospitalized Friday with a bad UTI, so Aleah and I took her a little Get Well Soon basket! :) (She was able to go home today though!)

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