Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Have the BEST Friends!!

As y'all know, I'm still recovering from my surgery and let me tell ya, I think my recovery is just getting worse and worse! WTF! My amazing friend Jessi cooked us hamburger casserole for dinner and brought it over last night. She even brought garlic bread, drinks, cups, plates, and silverware so that I didn't have to wash anything! How thoughtful! I am truly blessed to be surrounded by the most awesome group of friends a girl could ask for! :)

I went back to bed after Ivan left to take the kids to school this morning, thinking that Aleah would definitely wake me back up in time to get ready for her doctor's appointment this morning. WRONG! She slept in until 10:00! My grandma woke me up by knocking on our door! lol! Thank God she came over a little earlier than when we had to leave to be at the doctor's appointment (10:40) so I still had time to get a quick shower and get ready. Aleah's ENT appointment went great! It was just a follow-up on her tubes that she had put in when she was one. He said they've both made their way out of the ear canal, but aren't completely out of her ears yet, but that they look fine! :) After that, we went to Wal-mart so I could get some stuff for my Tupperware party I had this evening. It was pretty funny at the Tupperware party with me not being able to talk!! lol! I really think I overdid it today though because I now I am feeling really dizzy and light-headed. I'll definitely be heading to bed soon!

Here's Aleah earlier today, watching the rain come down... :)

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