Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I finally made the change and upgraded to iPhone! I looove it!! :) So here's all the pics I've taken with it so far... Little Diva dressed herself for school... not too bad :) lol
Baby girl bright eyed and bushy tailed before I headed to work one morning...
My little Star Wars nerd on Star Wars day... May the Fourth be with you! ;)
Marissa and I after a t-ball game last weekend, at a birthday party :)
Lunch with my three babies and all my nieces and nephews at Golden Corral :)
A butterfly on my mirror after lunch! :)
A baby bird that was beside my front door when we got home!
My main man :)
My little Avenger after seeing the Avengers in 3D! It was SO good!!! :)
Aleah at Cracker Barrel for breakfast yesterday :)
Muah, at work today :)


  1. Congrats on your upgrade - what did we ever do without our picture-taking phones? ;) Love all the shots - especially the shots of the butterfly! :)

    The Cockatiel Project

  2. Love the pics! I love my Iphone and can't imagine life without it!

  3. very nice pics! this baby bird is so cute :)

  4. Love those butterfly shots! Have fun with your iphone..I'm addicted to mine!

  5. Have you got the blogger iphone app yet? I'm on Wordpress and the Wordpress app is so good I post from it more than half the time. I don't know how I ever lived without this phone! And I was so resistant to getting it because I was sure it was all worthless hype!