Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh, Pinterest...

My relationship with Pinterest is really a love/hate relationship... I love it SO much, I'm SO addicted, but then when I try to recreate something I find on there, ehhh, not so much... it really just doesn't happen for me. Maybe it's just because I have absolutely zero artistic ability, lol.

So at the last minute (because I completely forgot until last night) I remembered that today was Teacher Appreciation Day at the kids' school and I had to send gifts for their teachers. So maybe it's because I totally threw these together and didn't buy all the right materials because I was on a mad dash to Wal-mart at 11:00 at night to finish this, but here's what I was aiming for...

Gardening Gift idea from Skip to My Lou

And ended up with this...

Eh, whatever. Their teachers loved them! :) lol!


  1. I think any teacher would be happy to have either of those. They are both from the heart and something other than an apple ;) or apple related !

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    Your teacher flower pot turned out cute!

  3. Still great a job! You could have been like me and not sent anything! =( I'm terrible!

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  4. So Cute!

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  5. You teacher gift came out wodnerfully! I am sure that it was a hit! :-)

  6. Hi there! New here from the Weekend Blog Hop. I've only been on Pinterest briefly, I'm worried I'll get addicted, lol. Your gift turned out great! Feel free to stop by.
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