Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am stressing out SO bad about SO many things that I have no control over... I've been having anxiety attacks at work lately and trust me, they are NOT cool! :-/

The only thing that I am going to elaborate on here is the fact that I am having surgery Friday morning. I'm having my tonsils taken out. On one hand, I can't freaking wait to have the surgery over and behind me so that I'm not sick anymore. I've been sick since the beginning of March. Ugh! On the other hand, I am SO nervous! I've heard that having your tonsils taken out is SO much more painful for adults than it is for kids and that the recovery is a lot longer. The doctor is taking me out of work for up to three weeks. Thank God I have FMLA to cover it, but I don't have any PTO so I'm having to file Short Term Disability while I'm out and that doesn't kick in until after I've been out for a week, plus it only pays about 60% of your normal pay. But at least it's something, so no complaining there! I just have SO much to do in the next three weeks! Field trips with the kids, doctor's appointments for the kids, Marissa's Head Start graduation, etc... The doctor said I would probably be able to attend them all, but I just won't be able to drive because I'll be doped up on pain pills, lol. It's going to drive me crazy not being able to drive myself!! I'm so used to coming and going as I please!! Pray that I have a fast recovery!

I do have one more fun thing to look forward to this week though, before I have surgery. The hubby and I are going to see Dierks Bentley in concert tomorrow night. I'm SO excited and ready to "get a little bit SIDEWAYS!" ;)


  1. Wow! Wishing you all the best! I'm sure you'll be fine--and healthy! Enjoy Dierks!

  2. I wish I could recommend my stress management techniques, but since they mostly consist of eating everything in sight, perhaps I should not.