Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 Likes & 10 Dislikes


1) Being their mom. Best feeling in the world.

2) Being his wife. Although I say that if something ever happened to us, I'd NEVER get married again, I LOVE being his wife.

3) Tattoos, but that's a given :)

2) Music. Is my passion. Period.

3) Pink. Everything is pink! :)

4) Zebra print. I'm kinda obsessed with it. :)

5) My iPhone 4S. We're attached at the hip, er, hand.

6) Lazy rainy days and snow days!

7) Taking pictures.

8) Jeans, hoodies, & flip-flops = the majority of my wardrobe.

9) Purses!

10) Make-up and perfume - and Victoria's Secret PINK!


1) Being lied to.

2) Being disappointed or let down.

3) Mushrooms, onions, and peppers - ew!

4) Being broke.

5) Working. I like my job, but I wish I could be a SAHM.

6) When my kids are brats, especially in public - embarrassing!!

7) Being overweight. Ugh, I seriously need to get into shape!

8) Stupid people. My filter is broken and I will tell you that you're an idiot. Learn to spell, learn to use proper grammar, and don't make yourself look like such an ass. Thanks! :)

9) A dirty house. I will stay up until midnight cleaning my house if it's messy when I get home! lol

10) When my Dallas Cowboys lose! Boo!! :(


  1. I get frustrated when my guy waits until we are in public to share his dark side.

  2. Im going to have to stop following your blog you are a cowboys fan ;p just kidding lol

  3. I am going to have to watch what I comment now, I am horrible at my grammar. I am not an idiot, just not my strength, lol. I will say I enjoyed your list. :-)

  4. We have a lot of similar likes and dislikes! Besides onions, I LOVE them! Also, lazy rainy Sundays are the best!

  5. We sound pretty much the same. Except I'm not married nor do I have kids. I'm also not too fond of pink and I only like onions if they're cooked.