Monday, June 11, 2012

My Week in iPhone Pics! :)

Completely out of order... ugh! lol!

This is why she's called "Tiny Cuddles" :)

Mini-diva :)

Being silly w/my girl!

Arm party! I think I've gained an obsession with bracelets!

Being silly w/my boy while going through the car wash!

She thinks she graduated too :) lol

He's promoted!

Hunter's new hair cut :)

Just me!

Ice cream!

Aleah playing my Kindle, lol

Someone was playing with my phone... haha

Me again :)

Swimming :)


Just waking up from our nap :)

Rockin' her Polo dress! ;)


Well that's one way to get my wine open... screwdriver and a hammer! LOL


Sunrise on my way to work :)

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