Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just Some Randoms :)

I babysat my friend Ashlyn's daughter the other night... best baby EVER! She never fussed at all! Definitely gave me baby fever again! lol!

My girls all into their movie :)

Me and my girls :)

Grumpy girl :(

Long hair, don't care...

Baby being lazy!

Marissa's tutu dress for her Alice in Wonderland party! So excited!!

Toy, mom's puppy! She's getting big!

So weird...

I was going to this on July 3rd and it got rescheduled! SO MAD!! :(

I swear, you wouldn't even think I have a son because he NEVER lets me take his picture!! LOL!


  1. What a cutie that baby is! Your littles ones are super cute too! Weird water too! hmmm....

  2. Love that age ever!!

  3. What a cute baby! I love holding babies too!

  4. Great pictures, love the Alice and wonderland dress

  5. they are all so adorable! I miss having babies, but 3 is my limit.

  6. Adorable pictures! Just found you on the blog hop. Stop by Sassy Shopper Reviews when you have time. We are holding a SweetPea Maternity $25 gc giveaway, too, if your interested! Have a great week. :)

  7. Aww, cute pics!! Your daughter has such pretty long hair.