Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Get Real...

Inspired by an awesome bloggy friend, Holly, I'm getting real...

This is my Hunter

This was Hunter when he was born. I was only 36 weeks pregnant and he was considered premature. I had to be induced because of preeclampsia. He wasn't super early, and I thank God there weren't many complications, but he was still considered a preemie.

For the most part, Hunter is a normal six year old boy. He hasn't had many problems or delays. The main delay he's experienced is speech delay. He's had to meet with a speech therapist at school once a week and had an IEP. The teachers and doctors all said this was normal though, so I hadn't been too concerned.

Last night, as I was filling out the kids' paperwork for school this year, Hunter's teacher asked us to fill out a paper about our child so she could get to know them better and to list any concerns that she should know of... maybe I was in my feelings too much, maybe it was the difficulty he was having when I asked him to sign his name on another paper... but it got me thinking about a few "signs" of his development delay.

He doesn't hold a pencil the "right" way when he is writing, and has a hard time figuring out/remembering how to do so. He's not quite sure if he's going to be left or right handed, he uses both at times, so I've always thought it was just because of his undecidedness (Yeah, I think I just made that word up) about rather he was going to be ambidextrous or not that caused confusion for him when it came to holding his writing utensils...

He also doesn't hold his eating utensils the "correct" way. He holds his fork or spoon as if he's shoveling the food in, instead of how everyone else holds it. It's concerned me a few times, but I've never wanted to think that there was anything wrong with my son... is there? Or am I just being a paranoid mom?

I think what bothered me so much last night was when I asked his younger sister to sign her name on her papers, she did it with no problem. I think in a lot of areas, she is more developed than Hunter. Is it because of their gender difference? Maybe girls really are smarter than boys? I don't know... maybe I'm just too in my feelings...

One last thing that worries me about Hunter... when he's in trouble, or even if he's just being asked if (or WHY) he did something, he just freezes, shuts down, and doesn't speak. Honestly, he gives me this dumbfounded look like either he doesn't understand what I'm asking, or he doesn't want to get in trouble? It makes me madder than hell until I realize that it's almost as though he's slow. Maybe if he was diagnosed with some sort of learning or development disorder, I wouldn't get as frustrated at this look he gives...

Maybe there's nothing wrong. I PRAY there's nothing wrong. But I can't help but worry. Filling out that paper last night just broke my heart that I had to write down his issues with holding his pencil and eating utensils. Now I can't stop thinking about it...

So I guess I'm asking for opinions here... is this normal six year old boy behavior? Is he delayed? Should I speak with his doctor about this a little more? I don't know... I'm lost... :( Or am I just being paranoid?! You can tell me that too, LOL! Be honest with me! :)


  1. I am not sure because my kids aren't that age but I truly believe everything will be okay! I will be praying there is nothing wrong either.

  2. I know our girls are smart as whips. But it was the end of 1st grade before the youngest grasped her pencil the "right" way. She also still flipped some letters and numbers but she could get all the answers right. There was not a thing wrong with her! Her teacher said it is when 3rd grade hits that they would worry about things like that. By the end of 1st grade all those things had disappeared. Now she holds her pencils the right way, never flips letters and spells words bigger than I can =)

  3. Each child is different and as a mom we see every little thing that our children do. Your son sounds amazing and just because he doesn't hold a pencil the 'correct' way is ok. I never have and do not to this day, but I write ok, no one has ever complained. I went through speech therapy in elementary school as well (I was a 6 week preemie). Each child will react with different emotional responses, I was an extremely shy and reserved child, my mother dubbed me the 'observer,' until I was ready to be more outgoing in middle school. Be thankful for your two beautiful children, the differences they have and the wonderful people they are.

  4. I agree with Whitney, every child is different. They react different. What works on my oldest son doesn't work on my youngest. You shouldn't worry so much. I bet your son will be just fine! And it ounds like your son is ambidextrous which is awesome!! Come on, how many people can control both sides of their body like that, extra brain power!


  5. So glad you were inspired to "get real" & write about something that may have been uncomfortable. :)

    My son is only two, so I couldn't tell you if it's normal behavior or not, but I'm glad you're willing to look further. Mom-gut is there for a reason. :)