Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

We all had a three day weekend due to Columbus Day and it was quite relaxing! We had a birthday party for my nephew at my house on Saturday. It went really well and he got TONS of Spongebob stuff!

We might be a little bit redneck ;)

The hubby and I watched Think Like a Man. We actually both really enjoyed it! We love Kevin Hart! :)

Marissa and I watched the Katy Perry movie because she LOVES Katy Perry... and I kinda do too! ;) It was actually a pretty good movie and I even cried a few times! (I'm a wimp, I know!)

We all watched the Three Stooges, per Hunter's request. It wasn't too bad... it was kinda funny, but it didn't really hold my attention well. lol

My friend Megan came over to watch the Lucky One, but as soon as it started, it was just so different from the book that I was SO disappointed and we ended up just talking most of the time. I HATE when movies don't follow the plot of the book! lol

I took Hunter to see Hotel Transylvania yesterday. We wanted to see both that and Frankenweenie, and had a hard time deciding, but he chose Hotel Transylvania. It was REALLY cute though! I'd definitely recommend it!

My poor Hunter is covered in poison ivy! :( He's taking it like a champ though, not scratching it too bad and not complaining of it itching.

Now it's Tuesday morning and I should feel well rested after a three day weekend, but I'm exhausted! My poor Marissa was up all night last night with an upset stomach, so of course I was up with her! She's staying home from school today and I kept Hunter home because his poison ivy is still really bad. I hate when they're sick and hate even more when I have to go to work when they're sick! :(


  1. Wow, your weekend was packed full of activity!

  2. How did you find time to do all of that in a weekend! Your pictures are awesome... I am happy to know Hotel Transylvania is good... I am dying to see it!

  3. Looks like a great weekend! Poison ivy is HORRIBLE!!

  4. You had an exciting weekend alright....better than mine. I watched Lorax about 5 times and renting another one that my son wouldn't watch!!

  5. oh goodness, you had so many fun movies to watch! I love your deer wall decor BTW, just saying coming from a hunting family. It's nice to see those "redneck" decorations now and then.

    I loved The lucky one, but then again, i haven't read the book, so that's probably why I was able to like it. Had i read the book and if it was very different from the book I would have been right there with you complaining about how i hate when movies stray from the book. Hello! They are best sellers fora reason! Why do they think they can change it and still have people happy??