Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh, a Mini Vacay?

My kids must have missed the memo! Ha!

Thursday evening was spent trying to finish up my Christmas shopping in time to get home for the last ever Jersday! Yes, I've been addicted to the train wreck...

However, my little had different plans for me. Aleah had been sick since Tuesday, but Motrin and/or Tylenol had been bringing her fever down. She got much worse on Thursday, running a fever of 105, and rotating Tylenol and Motrin was only bringing it down to 103. When I got home from shopping, she was laying on the couch with Ivan watching TV and could barely catch her breath. Like, she wasn't even moving, but was out of breath like she'd ran a mile. It scared me so I called the doctor on call, they heard her breathing, and told me to take her to the ER. They did X-rays and by the time they were able to look at them, she was feeling much better. Thankfully, she checked out okay and they said she just had a nasty virus that's going around.


Marissa has a bad habit of biting her toenails. Ew, right?! Well it gets worse...
She has managed to get some sort of fungus growing under her toenails (or so they think) because of this horrible habit! I fuss at her ALL the time for biting them, but really, how can I stop her? I'm pretty sure she does it now when she's laying in bed because she doesn't do it in front of me anymore. Anyway, I took her to the doctor on Friday to have her toes looked at because they're freaking me out and the doctor said it does look like some sort of fungus, but that they'd need to send pieces of her toenails to the lab for tests to make sure that's what it is before treating it. She said it can take 3-4 weeks to get the results back, but that the medicine they'll give her to kill the fungus is really hard on your body, so they don't want to put her on it if she doesn't actually need it. The doctor assured me she wouldn't lose her toes in the meantime though, lmao!

Ugh, look at these poor toes! :(

Aleah's feeling much better now though! :) We went to my cousin's house last night for our annual Christmas Eve dinner (because I have to work today). We had a great time! Our kids always love playing together and never want to leave.

I can't believe how long Aleah's hair is getting!

Ivan and I finally wrapped all of the Christmas presents last night! I'm working 10-6:30 today, then coming home to make cookies with the kids. I can't WAIT for tomorrow morning!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all have a blessed day and remember the reason for the season!


  1. wow! I hope she is feeling better! What a pretty girl! Beautiful hair like my daughters! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope she is feeling better soon!

  3. Oh no- Poor baby girl! Hope she is feeling better! Merry Christmas!

  4. Life with children keeps things interesting ;) Glad Aleah is feeling better and hope that everything is ok with Marissa toes. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. Our "breaks" never really end up that relaxing either ;) Hope you all are able to have a great Christmas filled with only good excitement!

  6. THANKFULLY I have never had to deal with fungus with any of my kids! I hope it's nothing and she doesn't have to take that horrible medicine. :(
    I can honestly~ and PROUDLY~ say that I have never watched a single episode of Jersey Shore. I'm glad that crap is off the air now! :) I have other crap to watch. Hahahahaaa!

  7. I hope your daughter is feeling better! She is such a cutie! I hope the toenail situation gets resolved. She's super flexible if she can bite her toenails (is it odd that I'm impressed? LOL)

    Merry Christmas! Farewell Jersey Shore :)

  8. Aleah's hair is GORGEOUS (as is she!). Sorry for your poor girls toenails. I used to bite my toenails when I was younger too. But didn't do it often and thankfully never had an issue! I hope she recovers quickly and they can find out exactly what fungus is causing it!