Monday, December 17, 2012

'Tis the Season

We're all pretty much ready for Christmas over here! I can't believe it's only 8 days away!

We made Gingerbread Houses the other night... I'm pretty horrible at it! haha!

Marissa, my friend Wendy, and I rang the bell for the Salvation Army last weekend :)

A lady I work with made me a Dallas Cowboys stocking!

Our house kinda looks like Christmas threw up inside it... LOL

My beautiful baby

Our matching PJ's I got us! :)


  1. I love Christmas too!!!!! Love your gingerbread houses......I am pretty terrible at it too :)

  2. THose are great pics! We made Gingerbread houses the other day too!

  3. One of my all time best holiday activities is making gingerbread houses.

  4. Your pictures really exude the Christmas spirit! I love your decor! I love the holidays, its the best time of year!

  5. Pictures are great!!! My daughter is begging me to do the gingerbread house, think I'll just buy a kit. Yours do look great! Merry Christmas!!!

  6. I love your house. It is so festive!!! The pictures are adorable!