Sunday, January 6, 2013

Recap of My Week!

We had a pretty busy week! I worked on New Year's Eve, then swung by the store to get some sparkling grape juice and champagne glasses for my babies to get a little crazy! ;) My cousin and her husband stopped by around 8 or so, so we took the kiddos to my mom's for about an hour (This is what's awesome about my mom living around the corner and a block down from us!), while we went to Captain Sam's (a local bar) and had a beer. Then we came back home to get wild with our sparkling grape juice and watch Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve. The girls were excited to watch Justin Bieber perform and Hunter was excited to see Psy sing and dance! Yeah, we got SO crazy, that we all started passing out on the couch around 10:30, so we all went to bed. :)

I had to work at 6 am on New Year's Day, so even though one of my New Year's Resolutions was to quit drinking Starbucks, I was kinda dying and HAD to have some that day! My friend Laura found it pretty humorous that after only 5 hours into the new year, I'd broken one of my resolutions and posted a pic on Facebook to put me on blast, ha! I haven't had any Starbucks since the 1st though! ;)

The kids went back to school on Wednesday and Aleah cried for them. She definitely got used to having them home all day with her! They had a good short week back though! I had to have a colonoscopy yesterday, so Thursday I was on a low residue diet, which meant I could only eat pretty much bland foods - it sucked. Oh, but Friday was MUCH worse! I was on a clear liquids diet on Friday and was pretty sure I was dying of starvation! Friday morning, I had to take a pill of Dulcolax, which I didn't realize was going to make me start going to the bathroom. I thought I wouldn't start doing that until I drank the drink they gave me that evening. WRONG! Aleah and I went out running errands Friday morning, we went to Michael's to get some crafts for a lady at work to make Aleah's decorations for her birthday party this coming weekend, went to my friend's house so Aleah and her daughter could have a little playdate, then went by the grocery store to grab a few things - let me tell you, I BARELY made it home and in the door without an accident! haha!! From there on out, the rest of my day was pretty much spent on the toilet or sleeping. My head was KILLING me, probably from being so hungry and not having any caffeine. After I drank the first bottle of citrus magnesium Friday evening, I was convinced I was dying. I told my hubby, it was like they gave me a freaking bottle of the flu to drink!

This part may be TMI!
I had to drink another bottle of citrus magnesium yesterday morning before the procedure. Well, that bottle came right back up - the wrong way. Ugh, really?! Now I'm throwing up too?! I swear, the prep was the worst part of the procedure. After we got to the doctor's office for the actual colonoscopy, everything went great! They stuck an IV in my arm and I was out like a light! I don't remember any of the procedure at all and feel pretty good afterwards! :) The doctor said he removed six polyps (whatever they are, ha) and sent them for biopsy. He also said I have grade three hemorrhoids - gross, I know! Thanks, kids! Ha! And that they NEED to be removed ASAP. He said he can remove them in three procedures at his office. It should only take 15 minutes each time and he said it won't be painful. Awesome. I go Thursday for my first appointment.

Oh, and here's my little chef/waitress playing at mom's while I was recovering from my procedure yesterday. The books were her menus :)

I'm also following Fat Mum Slim with her Photo a Day Challenge. I'm really going to try to keep up with it this year! Here's my pics so far:

Day 1: Today
Ignore her post-bath, pre-brushed hair! lol!

Day 2: Something new
The only new thing I bought this day, ha

Day 3: Heart
Order this HERE!

Day 4: The view from here
Little Bit helping me grocery shop!

Day 5: Movement
I raise money and walk with Walk MS every year!

I hope your weeks have all been wonderful as well! :)


  1. What a busy week. Hope you've recovered and bounced back to your usual self.

    Love that you support MS. I had a grand- Uncle who suffered from MS :(

  2. I'm on my way to grocery shop now :( no cutie tagging along here or I hope not. I've so been craving a Starbucks too luckily we don't have one locally though so I don't get it often.

  3. Terin~ I can't imagine having to go through a colonoscopy! UGH!! BUT~ I know they're important. I lost an Aunt to colon cancer 7 years ago. Make sure you stay on top of it!
    Best of luck!!

  4. We didn't do much but lay around either!! Good luck with your resolutions and all your medical issues!!! My kids didn't want to go back to school either!

  5. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  6. Yes, you did have a full week! Ah, the glamorous life of a Mom, right? Thanks for sharing a little slice of your week. ...and yeah, my daughter has some dreadful post bath, pre-brushed hair herself most days.

  7. WOw, now that is a busy week! Glad it wasn't my week. lol. I hate going to the doctor. I hope everything goes smoothly for you on your procedures though. Oh, and those photos a day..that is quite fun! I need to start doing that.

  8. Thats a crazy week, blessings for this year:)

  9. Did I see my favorite.............. McDonalds Frappe? That is a great way to treat yourself for the crazy week!

  10. I am with you on cutting off Starbucks!!! and I have my headache medicine ready because withdraw is a monster!