Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Greatest Comforts

I'm linking up with Moorea and participating in her 52 Lists prompts. I'm a few weeks behind, so I'm playing catch up!

My Greatest Comforts

Cuddling with my hubby by the fireplace

Warm chocolate chip cookies

My mom's grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup

Source: via Angel on Pinterest

Sweatpants & hoodies

Walking on the beach

Listening to the rain on a tin roof

Driving through the country

Getting pedicures

Getting my hair done


Source: via Marie on Pinterest


Going to the movies

Watching old The OC, 90210, Laguna Beach, the Hills, and One Tree Hill reruns

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

Source: via Mailis on Pinterest


Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

A good cry

Getting tattoos

Snuggling up with my hubby when it's cold at night

Bubble baths

When my babies are tucked in safe & sound in bed


  1. those are all great comforts and a lot of them are my same comforts :)

  2. I love your comforts list. Grilled cheese is my favorite!

  3. Love this list. And I am with you on the chocolate chip cookies...and the baths...and the...

  4. Great comfort list! I am a huge One Tree Hill fan! I hate that there are no more seasons, I enjoyed every single episode!