Monday, February 25, 2013

My Life Be Like...

Or... My Week Be Like... I guess ;)

In case you didn't catch the reference...

Our week was pretty uneventful... which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

First off, it is pretty ridiculous that it takes this many darn alarms to wake me up every day! LOL!

Hunter man brought this home from school... pretty sweet! I picked on him and told him thanks a lot for saying I was special! ;)

Hunter reading his homework to me :)

Ugh, my mood on Thursday... I was NOT feeling good! :-/ Thankfully whatever bug I had only lasted about a day!

Aleah painted her own nails!

The kids had an hour delay on Friday due to weather, this was the forecast, but it ended up being very disappointing! I want a good snow!!

I got to keep my nephew Kaleb on Friday night, my lil' man!

Hunter got a haircut on Saturday, then his friend Maddox's birthday party was at Zinga! (a frozen yogurt place) - so fun and yummy!

Marissa practiced her reading by reading me the Bible. Makes me proud!

We had a great service at church Sunday morning, then had lunch at Wright's Dairy Rite, then came home and took it easy... and might have been a little goofy while waiting on the Academy Awards! ;)

How was your week?


  1. such a cute way to chronicle the week!! Mine was pretty uneventful a usual, same ol' routine!! Enjoy this week

  2. I do not blame you for hitting the alarm that many times, you have a busy day. Just thinking about it I would want to go back to sleep too! LOL!

  3. My past week was spent holding off spammers and scammers oh my! Then I kept reading about things that caused me to "HAVE" to blog--went on one job interview-but nothing yet--am seriously considering going on early retirement-if I can afford it------the powers that be really make that kind of difficult--another blog post coming on? Today I start the week with one client and then that is it I think--other then that I am hoping this week will be lots less troubling then last! I am glad that you had a hum drum week--and also had lots of fun with the kiddos!!

  4. haha @ alarms and your daughter is so cute painting her own nails!

  5. How cute is this! What a great way to keep track of your week and all the great highlights and moments! BRRRR also looks like it was a very COLD week for you!!

  6. Sounds like fun to me!! So glad I don't have to wake up to an alarm. Love that you posted what you did. I see a lot of that and I wonder if I should do that too!!

  7. How funny! I need 3 alarms as well! Sounds like a fun-filled week to me! Cute post!

  8. LOL, I am just like you. I need many alarms to wake me up too! I really like how to you summed up your week. I may have to start this on my blog :)

  9. I have been dragging in the mornings too so you aren't alone! Looks like you guys had a great week and be thankful for it being uneventful :)

  10. Oh, yes... the past few mornings I have been setting myself multiple alarms so I can actually get up at a decent time. My husband has threatened to get me one of those that requires a simple math problem to disable. Grrr... I would probably smash the thing to bits out of sleep frustration. Lol.

    Your kids are adorable!...and so sweet. I bet that adds a lot to your week despite feeling crummy that one day. Glad you got over the bug quickly.

  11. Love when kids are sweet! We were busy, I also got sick with some strange 24 bug that acted more like a sinus cold. Never had one last for only 24 he's before. Glad you and I are both doing better. Oh, and thou can come take all of our snow!! I'm so sick of it. Lol. I've got the winter blues.