Monday, February 11, 2013

This Weekend I...

I'll include Friday as part of my weekend, since it was my day off this week and I had to work Saturday and Sunday. Boo!

We got about an inch of snow Friday morning, so school was delayed by an hour. The kids were then super excited to walk to the bus stop in the snow! lol!

Aleah and I met some of my friends for breakfast at Cracker Barrel... yum! Aleah got pancakes and they drew a smiley face with her whipped cream. She loved it! :)

We're working on potty training Aleah and Friday was three days with NO accidents, so we celebrated by picking up my niece and nephew and going to Sweet Frog for some froyo!

I received this ADORABLE birth announcement in the mail from Holly!

The kids and I picked up pizza Friday night and went to my great aunt's house for dinner. I haven't been to see her near as often as I should. Since my Nana passed away, it's just hard to go there and her not be there anymore... :( We enjoyed dinner and had a good time though! :)

After dinner, I went and saw Identity Thief with my friend Val... HILARIOUS!! I definitely recommend it! We literally laughed the whole time!!

I had to work 1:30-11 on Saturday and Sunday, so my weekend mornings were just spent relaxing with my babies, drinking Starbucks, playing Draw Something with them, and listening to Pandora... ahhh, relaxation!

How was your weekend?


  1. hmmmmmmmmmm, Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite resturants. Looks like you had a nice time on your time off!

  2. Aw- looks like a great weekend. You work late on the weekends huh! Glad you had a nice time off!

  3. So, I'm from Canada but spend summers (I know it's strange) in Florida. There is a Cracker Barrel near by and we have never known what the heck it is! Now, I'll definitely give it a try. Happy Monday!

  4. Glad the kids liked the snow and congrats on the potty training accomplishments! Sounds like it was a great weekend.

    Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! We haven't had snow in 2 years that picture makes me miss it :(