Friday, March 1, 2013

That Moment When...

You get a phone call and your heart stops! :-/

I was at work the other week and got a phone call from the school nurse saying that Hunter had hit his head in class and that it wasn't bleeding and didn't need stitches, but that he was dizzy and saying he couldn't walk, so she thought he needed to be taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Um, I FREAKED! She said it wasn't serious enough for her to call an ambulance or anything, but he still needed to be seen. I grabbed my purse and keys, yelled to my manager that I had to leave to pick up Hunter from school and take him to the hospital, and I'd let her know what they said/did there...

I got to the school and Hunter was in the nurse's office laying down. He had a red mark on his face from like his cheek bone, up past his eyebrow. He sat up when I got there and was alert and able to talk to me just fine, but still said he felt dizzy and like he'd fall over if he tried to walk. He said that his teacher had a globe sitting on the counter and he was looking at it and trying to see the South Pole and hit his head on the corner of the counter. The nurse really recommended he be checked out, but I honestly thought he was just milking it to get out of class (I played that game not too long ago when I was in school! lol!). It doesn't hurt to be too cautious though, and I'd rather be safe than sorry, of course, so to the ER we went.

Thankfully they weren't too busy and got him in and out pretty fast! They ruled out a concussion and just called it a minor head injury and sent him home with orders to just take it easy the rest of the day.

You can see he was just thrilled to be at the ER! lol!

I took him to my house and dropped him off with my grandma so I could go back to work and he's been perfectly fine ever since... I still think he was making it out to be worse than it really was! ;) lol! I'm just thankful it wasn't anything serious though! :)

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  1. eeeek! so scary!
    i hate those times when you are 95% sure you don`t need to go to the doctor - but the 5% of being unsure always wins.