Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So, here's the deal...

I apologize for not posting in advance to let y'all know, but I decided to take a break from this whole blogging thing.

I really felt like I was putting a lot of effort into blogging - writing reviews, hosting giveaways, just posting about my life, etc, but nobody was reading it. The only comments on my blog that I was getting were from a FB group where you have to comment on other people's blogs to get comments back on yours. I just feel like I didn't have any faithful readers, so what was the point of this whole thing?

So uh, if I'm wrong and you do in fact read my blog faithfully, how about leaving a comment and letting me know? I would like to start blogging again, but really felt like it wasn't worth it... :(


  1. I follow you! I'm bad about commenting because sometimes I feel like I have nothing meaningful to add to the discussion but I'm very loyal at reading. :)

  2. I actually had to come back to comment because I wasn't able to do it from my phone when I first read this. The lack of comments can be very frustrating. What I found with my one blog is people would respond on Facebook but on the blog itself it was just like listening to crickets. Since I'm on wordpress I installed a plugin that imports comments on the link on FB to the blog, which was a bit better. This is not a problem you alone have- people have gotten so used to commenting on FB that they seldom comment on the blog itself.

  3. ive been feeling the SAME way!!
    this blogging world has become something else. its sad.
    you know i read your blog though :)

  4. I don't read every day, but I do read! :)