Sunday, May 26, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Our weekends have been SO crazy busy lately! I thank God for my mom! She helps us SO much!! The other weekend, I was doing the UVA Walk 4 Kids (for the UVA Children's Hospital), Marissa had a birthday party to attend for two boys in her class, and the hubs had planned to take Hunter fishing. Oh, and it was my weekend to work, so after the walk that morning, I had to work 1:30 - 11 pm! lol! I was beat after that weekend!

Here's some pics from our walk. I took Aleah with me and she had a blast! We walked three miles... up and down hill... I almost died, but I made it. ha! I was pushing Aleah in the stroller too... whew! Definitely a good workout! :)

Here's a few pics that Ivan took of Hunter fishing - I love the one with his goofy smile! Pure happiness!

Mom didn't get any pics of Marissa at the birthday party, because well, she's not too technologically inclined. lol!

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