Monday, May 27, 2013

CM Punk... Best in the World!

CM Punk may play a bad guy on TV, but he definitely is not!! Hunter LOVES wrestling and CM Punk is by far his favorite! I am really enjoying him being into wrestling, because it reminds me of my childhood when my brother and I would rent PPV's with our "dad," (the one who raised me, not my biological sperm-donor, ha!) and I like watching wrestling with Hunter. :)

For Hunter's 7th birthday, he wanted a wrestling themed party, so I made his invitations...

I had my friend's mom make his cake...

And I just happen to have a friend who knows CM Punk personally (her sister used to date him, and they're still really close friends)... so, I messaged my friend on Facebook a few months before his birthday just to ask if she could possibly get Hunter an autographed picture for his birthday. She said she'd try and sent him an email. He emailed her back and said he would mail the picture - well the day before Hunter's party, here's what we received...

Holy crap!! I cried I was so freaking excited! I can't believe he sent Hunter all of that! Look how much it cost him - good grief!! He is AMAZING!! :)

Getting ready for the party, my girls had to put on their One Direction finger nails that they got the day before! LOL!

And here's some pics from the party...
Oh, BTW, he did send an autographed picture as well! :)


  1. what an awesome party and thats so cool that you received all that before the party!

  2. that is such a fun party! I bet they were so excited (and you) for all those fun party supplies!

  3. Oh what a totally awesome party!!! SO fun!!!

  4. I have never heard of CM Punk. At first, I didn't even realize he was a wrestler! I love the party pack tho, looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Love that cake!

  6. How AWESOME and CM Punk seems like a real sweetheart.