Monday, July 15, 2013

Just A Swingin'...

Towards the end of May, the hubs and I decided to buy the kids this cool new swing set we saw on sale at Kmart! It had a trampoline attached to it - how cool! We just knew our little "Tigger" who bounces all the time would love it!

The first morning after Daddy got it put together. Check out that bed head! LOL!

The kids all three loved it and played on it all day!

They spent the whole day outside the first day it was up! I enjoyed spending some time outdoors with the kids watching them swing and slide, but then I had to work that evening 2 pm - 11 pm.

I got a phone call around 9 pm from my husband saying that he thought Aleah had broke her arm. He said she had been swinging and just let go while she was in the air and fell forward, landing pretty hard on her arm. He said it happened around 5 pm or so, but she's such a tough cookie, that he didn't think it was broke. At first he just got her calmed down and she laid around on the couch all evening watching TV. But then after a few hours had passed, he said she started crying out in pain again and when he tried to get her ready for bed, she refused to let him move her arm. When he called me at work, I could hear her screaming out in pain in the background. I left work immediately, picked her up, and took her to the ER. (Ivan stayed home with the other kids.)

I couldn't even move her arm to strap her in her carseat, so I had to just put her in one of the kids' booster seats with a seatbelt across her. She was a little trooper at the ER though! We met another little girl in the waiting room named Aleah - and even spelled it the same as my Aleah! Aleah was so strong though and didn't even cry when the doctor was looking at her arm, moving it in different positions and such. After doing x-rays, they said she had fractured her collar bone and that there wasn't really a whole lot they could do for it, other than give her a sling to wear to help keep it in place.

They told us it could take 4-8 weeks for it to heal completely, but that if she started wanting to use her arm, to let her. Aleah only wore her sling for about a week, then was using her arm again. She did really well wearing the sling though!! She got everyone at church to sign her sling the next day! lol!

I think she rocked the heck out of that sling! ;) She is ALL better though and thankfully didn't have to spend the whole summer in a sling!! :)


  1. She is so precious. I broke my collar bone in second grade and it was horrible. That is one tough little girl you have there1

  2. She is so super cute! I have a little boy so I'm sure I'll have my fair share of accidents, cuts and bruises. Your little girl is so brave! :)

  3. Ahh poor girl! love the pics though! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Poor thing, bless her heart. Se is a trooper!