Friday, July 12, 2013

The Best Day of School is the Last Day of School!

Okay, sorry for the Fred song reference, but my kids get that song stuck in my head pretty regularly. lol!

I know these are WAY late, but I still have to share them because they're so darn cute! ;)

Marissa's kindergarten graduation... I helped in her class twice a week this year and I am going to miss these kids (and her teacher!) SO much!! :( I hope a lot of them end up in her class next year so I can still see them a lot!

Hunter's first grade graduation... I'm SO proud of how far Hunter came this year! He met all of the reading goals we set for him this year and his teacher was super proud of him too! I really hope Marissa can get his teacher next year!

A few pics from Field Day! :) I spent most of the day with Marissa's class because she kept getting upset if I'd try to leave her to go see Hunter's class. Mr. Independent didn't care at all though, he was just having a blast with his friends!

We also celebrated Marissa's birthday with her class on one of the days during the last week of school, since she has a summer birthday. I had my friend Casey make Bears at the Beach! Her class LOVED them!! Her teacher also made me this sweet plate as a thank you gift for helping in her class! It made me cry!!

Some pics from the last day of school! We started a tradition last year of going to Sweet Frog after school the last day, so this year after the kids got off the bus, we had a picnic at the park, then went to Sweet Frog to celebrate the beginning of summer! :)

And a random pic of one rainy school morning of my adorable babes!

And a random pic of Aleah at Ross while the kids were in school... you know, just pretending we're at the beach! ;)


  1. They look so happy and like they have a blast at school! MY daughter loves attending school too :)

  2. The bee plate is super cute! What a wonderful year they had.

  3. What a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year!

  4. Sounds like everyone had a large time for that last day! My girls were sad that school was ending because they are older and miss the social aspect!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love the bee plate. What a cute idea.

  6. Ahh how fun! love the pics! xo xo

  7. It is amazing how much our kids grow up just from the beginning to the end of the year!

  8. Super cute post! Your kids are ADORABLE! My kids were psyched about summer beginning and school ending too!