Sunday, September 8, 2013

DIY - Seashell & Sand Vase

Alright y'all, so this is my first DIY experiment here! LOL! And it really just happened and then as I started putting it together, I said, "Hey, why don't I share this on my blog!" So it's nothing big, it's pretty simple actually, but here goes...!!

As I was cleaning my house, I saw these two empty vases I had leftover from one of the girls' birthday parties...

Which made me think of this sand that Ivan had brought home from his trip to California last summer...

And these seashells the kids gathered on our last trip to the OBX!

Add these two candles that were just sitting beside my tv...

And you have...

Seashell & Sand Vases! (Or candle holders... whatevs! lol!)

So, whatcha think? Not too bad for my first DIY project, huh?!


  1. Very pretty craft! And we live near the beach, so a perfect decoration for our house!

  2. Not bad? I think it is fantastic! I also think there are so many other ways to use the same concepts. You could even make up DIY gift sets for other people, all of upcycled goodies. (I'm thinking of sand, rocks and buttons... stuff like that.)

    Thanks for commenting on my Japanese tea cup with chinese book pages... today I asked my son, "Does Korean use the same characters?" he assured me they didn't... I want to make art with the word "Poetry" in Korean on it, so I wanted to be sure I didn't offend anyone. :~) Your kids sound great.

  3. Looks great. I have tons of seashells that need to find a project for .

  4. That is SUCH a neat idea! Love it as a keepsake from a vacation!

  5. You see these all the time in gift shops! Love that you can make it at home! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!