Friday, January 24, 2014

My Sweet Girl

My Marissa is SUCH an inspiration! She cut off 10 inches of her hair and donated it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths!

She had been wanting to cut her hair for MONTHS and I didn't want her to! Look at this gorgeous hair!! :(

But I finally gave in and took her to get it all chopped off!

Seriously, WHAT an inspiration!! Be still, my heart.

I was a little iffy at first because I am not a fan of bangs, but Sis is rockin' this new short hair style!!

I may even chop mine off next... we shall see! ;)


  1. Soo cute! I did that to my daughter's hair as well - it's just SOO much easier!

  2. Oh- you have a an amazing little girl over there! My heart just smiling when I look at her... Precious!

  3. AWWWW!!! This is adorable! That's so beautiful that she donated her hair for such a good cause :) I agree - very inspiring :)

  4. What a sweet little girl! That was an amazing thing for her to do. And she is TOTALLY rocking the new do :)

  5. She looks so cute with short hair.. I mean, she was beautiful with long hair too, but she's rocking the short hair.