Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sickness, Be Gone!

Just about everyone in my house has been feeling nothing more than "blah" lately! We've all been fighting off this nasty cold and have all been grumpy because of it!

Hunter started running a fever last Thursday evening and Friday, but nothing too terribly high. He had already had his flu vaccine, so I think that helped him a lot and prevented him from getting the full blown flu!

My poor Aleah got sick at dinner Saturday night, so we went straight home and snuggled. She looked at me and said, "Mommy, I'm glad you're laying with me." Be still, my heart.

Even with rotating Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours, Aleah's fever spiked up to 105.6 (I about had a heart attack!) and even after a luke warm bath, cool rags, and Motrin, it would NOT break. I took her to the ER (it was Sunday evening around 7 pm, so no dr's offices were open), but they refused to test her for the flu. They tested her urine and said that she was dehydrated, but sent her home and told me to keep pumping fluids in her. (They didn't even give her fluids... but o...k!)

I took her home after the ER, stocked up on Gatorade, and then Monday she was still running a fever of 103, even after still rotating Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours! I was sick of seeing my baby girl miserable and took her to her pediatrician's office as walk-in first thing Monday morning. They tested her for the flu and sure enough, she had the flu! (She hadn't got her flu vaccine yet because her check-up wasn't for another week.)

I went to the pharmacy to pick up Aleah's Tamiflu and about CROAKED! It was $190 AFTER our insurance! Can someone remind me again why I work, please? I mean really... it would benefit my family more for me to just quit my job and stay home with them I guess, then they could get Medicaid or Medicare or whatever it's called and we wouldn't have to pay any medical bills! (Sorry if this offends anyone, but I pay over $300 out of each check, so like $600 a month, for insurance to turn around and still have to pay another $190 for her medicine?! Ridiculous!!) I mean whatever, I'll do whatever I have to to get my babies feeling better, so I got it of course.

I am so blessed though, my friend from high school's mom surprised us and picked up some Pedialyte and popsicle makers from the store and dropped them off on my front porch. What a sweet lady!

Marissa somehow managed to not get sick at all (knock on wood!) and everyone else seems to be on the mend now though! If I can just knock this congestion I've had for over a month now, we'd all be great!!

I'm one tired momma!!


  1. We have been going through the same thing here. First horrible allergies then a stomach bug that had everyone in the house down for almost a week. So sorry the babies were sick. I hate it when my little ones are down. Hope ya'll feel better soon!

  2. We were sick for a few weeks too. Homemade popciscles can cure anything...well, almost anything. Hope things are good!

  3. $190 WHAT!? THAT`S BONKERS.
    Hope you are all feeling better. Everyone here has been in and out of sickness for the past month, too (besides me.. knock on wood!)

  4. oh my, we're going through the same thing over here. i'm whooped! and my throat hurts! :)

  5. OMG I know what you mean! You pay an arm and a leg for insurance thinking it will cover for emergencies then find out meds will be an extra $100 or more outta pocket! It's insane!

  6. Hoping everyone gets better really quick. My daughter was sick a couple of weeks ago and its the worst thing ever for a parent to have their babies be sick.

  7. We have been passing around the same bug over and over for a month or more. it gets old! Great post and hope you all feel better soon!!