Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Coffee Chat 2/4

Gimme Five. Reasons for Living that is.

I feel like my answers to all of these have been the same lately! lol! Oh well...

-God. He created us to live for Him!

-My hubby (Where would he be without me, right?! lol)

-Hunter, Marissa, and Aleah


  1. Very cute post! I love the idea of a brief post every Tuesday sharing your random thoughts. :)

  2. Love this post! And totally agree, the more I look towards God, the less my problems seem to matter!

  3. I think it's a good sign that these are your answers for everything. :)
    that is definitely something to make life worth living.
    Love the quote!! truth!

    and oh my! you have snow in Virginia?
    I feel like we are winter sisters from another country now. ;)

  4. A really cute, sweet post. My answers are pretty much the same as yours.

  5. Such a cute post! The last three reasons are awfully adorable ones, I have my own three reasons as well. :)

    Check out my blog at http://makeupmama2three.blogspot.com/

    Hoping to see more from you soon! BTW Im Niki, nice to meet you :)

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  7. What an adorable family and great post :) It definitely helps put things in perspective.

  8. Beautiful children. Love the pictures.

    Michelle F.

  9. I would come for a coffee chat everyday :)

  10. I really love blog posts that give you an inside story of who is behind the blog. Your kids are so cute:) I agree God is such an important part of life the more we lean on him and seek his help the more things will become easier as faith is a magical thing.

  11. Hi Terin.. I love your message and the pictures of your family... God is good to us all the time and I'm grateful fr that.