Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mini Style Wednesday 2/12

Our Holly Days

This lil' pimp is excited to give out his Valentines to his class today!

Hat: Target, Shaun White
Shirt: Crazy 8
Swag: From his mom ;)

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  1. My son has a shirt with a printed tie on it. It is my favorite one. I like this one for older kids. It's great for V-day.

  2. I would love having a son, and dressing him up :)

  3. thanks, for the link to you blog ... i love the header shot ... that is too precious. they have such sweet eyes. i will look around. have a great week. ( :

  4. What a sweet outfit for valentines day:) Just the perfect a amount of cuteness with a little side of tough boy look.

  5. Very cute blog series idea! Love the "tie."

  6. Its an adorable shirt. I love the color scheme too.