Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekly Wishes 3/4

The Nectar Collective

I'm a little late posting this, but thanks to Holly, Amanda, and Joni, I've been inspired, so I'm linking up a day late anyway! :)

So my goals for March are:

Walk every day. Okay, with the exception of freezing cold days like today when it's currently only 3 degrees outside! I did really good last week though on our pretty days and walked almost a mile on each of my breaks at work! :)

Be a better blog friend. I think I've been doing okay with this goal already, but I'd like to continue sitting down at least every other evening and reading through (and commenting!) on all of my favorite blogs that I have bookmarked.

Organize my blog. Again, inspired by Holly, I want to go buy a new planner and get everything organized - from my blog posts to kids' activities, and keep up with it!

Quit spending! Seriously, I spend SO much money on unnecessary stuff. I really want to stop spending and try to start saving! (Sorry kids, no more new toys every time we go to the store!)

Sell stuff. Plain and simple. We have SO much stuff in this house that we don't ever use or will never need. I need to work on posting more stuff on the local yard sale sites on FB and getting rid of it!

Okay, I think that's enough for now... what are your goals for March? :)

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  1. I need to start walking every day too. It has just been too cold here, but I miss it and can't wait for spring!

  2. I want to take a walk every morning now or whenever my puppies are ready for a walking/bonding session and my plan this March is to keep up with my online duties - blogs and networks.

  3. Great goals you are setting here. I have been walking with my little girl too to the park and school tomeet up with my husband and my son after school. I got her a new ride- the Piggyback Rider and it has been very helpful with my afternoon walk with her. I have been slacking on workouts, but I am slowly going back. I too need to stop spending,which also means no toys every trip to the store. Oh dear! I am doing pretty good getting rid of things I or we no longer need and mostly donated them. I just needed to get rid of them. My goal for this month is to finish up on all of my product reviews and take a short break from blogging so I can focus on my little girl.

  4. You know what...you gave me an idea...maybe I should sell some stuff to help declutter. My sweetie and I were just talking about how we need more closet space. I think this month...I will try to get some use out of my eBay account.

    Good luck with your March goals!

  5. I'm trying to get out walking (and hiking) more too. I think I've finally established a good morning routine to do so. It's been raining for days straight, so even taking the dog out requires extra motivation. Good luck with all of your goals this month!

  6. i want to start walking but like you said with it being so cold it is so so tough. ( :

    i always feel for my friend Jenni she has 2 little girls & every time we go to the store together - i have to see them say "mom can we have this or that?" i know it is tough for Jenni to say NO. but you have to watch your pennies. i hope they will understand in the long run.

  7. Similar to yours - getting my life together!! Keep the house clean and watch the spending!

  8. I am with you on the walking everyday. Just have to wait until it gets warmer.

    Michelle F.

  9. LOVE this!! Good job girl! Super proud of you! I have found that I have been enjoying doing a couple link ups here and there! :-)

    And you are right! It is super hard to exercise in this crazy weather! I dont know what its like there but here in NC we had 75 Saturday and today it is snowing and sleeting! WTW!!!