Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Social 4/13

These are all about our bests!

1. What was your best birthday?
I'll say this one, lol! The look on my face here is just pure happiness. (Or drunkenness? lol) All of my best friends, my hubby, and I all went out for drinks to celebrate my big day!

2. What was your best vacation?
I'm gonna say this one... my hubby, my brother, the kids, and I all went to VA Beach for a few days. No plans, no schedule, just us at the beach doing whatever we wanted! :)

3. What is the best date you've ever been on?
Ivan and I's dates are usually kept pretty simple. Usually just dinner dates out, then back home to our kiddos, but that's how we like it! :) This was on one of our date nights.

4. What is the best movie(quality) you've seen?
I'm gonna say the Twilight series. Lame, I know. But the graphics in those fight scenes, especially the last movie, are amazing!

5. What is the best TV show ending of all time?
One Tree Hill! Oh, the tears!!


  1. OTH will always be one of my favorite series, can't call it my favorite ending though.... because I'm still sad it ended at all.

    Happy Sunday!