Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway

We took the kids for a ride up on the Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy the local scenery. I love our mountains so much - I really couldn't imagine living anywhere else (okay, except maybe the beach).

We stopped at a visitor center that had a little trail off of it that went to these old cabins. The kids really enjoyed reading the signs and learning about "the old days," as they called it! lol!

We also rode up to Swannanoa Palace, a 1912 Italianate marble palace.

Major James Dooley, an executive with the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company, completed construction of the $2 million Swannanoa in 1912. Dooley, who owned the Maymont estate is Richmond, built this 52-room marble palace as a token of love for his wife, Sally May. More than 300 artisans were hired to create the palace as a replica of the Villa de Medici in Rome. Visitors today can still see the depth of James and Sally May’s relationship is places like the 4,000 piece Tiffany stained-glass window and a domed ceiling bearing the likeness of Mrs. Dooley. (Info from

Rumor has it that Sally May now haunts the palace and there have been reports of lots of paranormal activity on the property. We didn't get out of the car and walk around because the kids were too scared, due to those rumors. lol! It sure is beautiful though!!

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  1. We drive from PA to NC all the time. I love taking time out of the drive on 81 to visit the parkway. It is so beautiful and peaceful.