Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blue Apron {Review!}

I did not receive compensation for the following post. The ingredients to prep this meal were provided by Blue Apron. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you heard of Blue Apron?
• Blue Apron allows you to create delicious, chef-­‐designed recipes at home. We deliver all the fresh ingredients you need, right to your doorstep, in exactly the right proportions. No trips to the grocery store and no waste from unused ingredients.
• We send you three meals per week for two, four or six people. Meals are $9.99 per person with free shipping.
• Blue Apron is available nationwide -­‐ we ship to over 80% of the country.
• Blue Apron recipes are delivered in a refrigerated box so ingredients will stay fresh even if you're not at home when your package arrives.

• Each menu is between 500 and 700 calories per person. Our ingredients are incredibly fresh and sourced from quality local suppliers and artisans
• All meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less.
• With Blue Apron you learn to make new recipes and cuisines so you can get out of your dinner rut of making the same old dishes, or relying on take out.
• Blue Apron is great for couples. We've had couples get engaged over Blue Apron meals and share their photos with us. We've had others say our service saved their marriage.
• Blue Apron is great for families. Parents tell us they're able to spend quality time together as a family by cooking Blue Apron recipes together.
• Blue Apron is great for busy people. No need for shopping, and in the time it takes to have takeout delivered, you can have prepared a delicious and healthy meal.
• We're called Blue Apron because chefs in training around the world wear blue aprons -­‐ it is a symbol of lifelong learning in cooking.

I was SO excited when our box of ingredients arrived! This the neatest packaging I've ever seen! Everything stayed super cold!

My hubby cooked the Maple & Ginger Glazed Salmon for us.

I am a really horrible cook, so I probably would've screwed this all up, but my hubby actually enjoys cooking and said it was pretty easy directions to follow! The meal was SO delicious!!

I really like the idea of having the right portion of the ingredients sent to us and it was perfect for a meal for just the two of us!

And because Blue Apron is SO awesome... My first 50 readers can get 30% off their first Blue Apron Box - redeem here!!

I did not receive compensation for the above post. The ingredients to prep this meal were provided by Blue Apron. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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