Monday, June 2, 2014

Werewolf Costumes to Terrorize Princesses!

The kids' cousin, Willow, stayed the night with us the other weekend and they all dressed up and put on a little "show" for me! I just love watching kids use their imagination!

When a full moon appears, a mythological human transforms into a werewolf!

The princesses were just being girly, enjoying their dress-up time!

When creeping around the corner was this creature...

He chased the princesses and they ran because they were SO scared!!

But then they got tough!!

However, the werewolf was indestructible!

The end. (Narrated by my 4 year old, LOL!)

Hunter loves his werewolf costume though and we've put it away for safe keeping because he wants to wear it for Halloween this year. He's been watching the Vampire Diaries with me and really likes Tyler, the hybrid werewolf on there, so this costume was right down his alley!

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