Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Explore More Discovery Museum {Review}

I absolutely hate that I have to work all summer while the kids are out of school, especially since I've been having to work crazy shifts lately, so I've been trying to find fun things to do with the kids on my days off.

We took them to the Explore More Discovery Museum in Harrisonburg, VA. Admission is only $6 per person. Totally reasonable and they have SO much to do there!!

When you first walk in, they have this giant spin wheel with their different centers on it, kind of like a Wheel of Fortune wheel! The kids loved spinning it!

Our first stop was the Science Lab, which I do believe was my favorite part. I'm such a nerd!

Next we visited Art Smart, their art room! This room was like an artist's Heaven! They had SO many art supplies all organized in different cubes. The girls had fun painting while Hunter tried his hand at origami.

The Health Center has a full-size ambulance you can go in and pretend to drive as well as a life size Operation game! How cool!! They also have this awesome Heart Race center where you can check your heart rate, then race around VA on the bikes, and check your heart rate again after.

The TV Studio is the kids' favorite part, by far! They have so much fun pretending to be the news anchors and the meteorologists!

The Super Service Center is pretty neat as well! You can pretend to install a new muffler on the car, change the oil, put air in the tires, etc! I think I might have a little grease monkey on my hands!

The Virginia Theater has a real stage where the kids can change the backdrop and go backstage to get in costume. There's even a spotlight they can move around and sound machine for sound effects! They also have a makeup table and face paint! The kids put on a show for us and Aleah painted my face, haha!

If you go Down on the Farm, you can milk a cow (water comes out!), ride a tractor, and brush a horse's tail!

In the Kitchen and Farmer's Market, Aleah enjoyed digging up her vegetables in the garden, buying some other produce from the farmer's market, and then making me some tomato soup in the kitchen! Her sweet Sissy helped her clean up and wash dishes after! ;)

They also have a puppet theater where the kids can put on a show!

Aleah also enjoyed riding on Thomas the Train!

The kids also thought the tarantula was really cool, but he just freaks me out! ha!

We had a great day at the Explore More Discovery Museum and will definitely be returning! :)

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