Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tangled Tantrum {Review & Giveaway!}

A friend of mine was just educating me on Parabens the other week... I had never heard of them! Have you?! I felt so stupid and uneducated, ha! So let me save you from that and share! (From Tangled Tantrum's website!)

So when I got the chance to review Tangled Tantrum's Detangling & Conditioning Spray, I was really excited to find a product that wouldn't harm my children!

Do you see this mess?! LOL!

Aleah's hair is usually a hot mess!! She does NOT like to have it brushed either... it is a fight every morning and every night! Ugh!! Tangled Tantrum really helped though!! Aleah (who is 4) really liked the fun design of the bottle, so she was willing to let me put it on her hair without a fight! And oh my gosh, this stuff smells SO good!! Look how great it works too!!

One lucky reader can win their own bottle of Tangled Tantrum's Detangling & Conditioning Spray!

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  2. I would love to try this on Kaidence her hair is worse than Aleah's!! Lol

  3. Wow such a big difference! This will come in handy even for me when I get back from the beach. lol


  4. Heck to the yeah - Isa has some seriously nappy, stringy hair that takes forever to brush after her shower. She`d love this!